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Bio-Chip Innovation for SERS



1) General: Our bio-chip can be made by chemical coagulating method from aqueous solution and comprises metal complex crystals on metal substrate.
2) Method: Metal complex in an aqueous solution can be coagulated as metal complex crystals on metal substrate by electrode potential difference while being controlled in dimension by coagulating time.
3) Structure: Metal complex crystal on metal substrate is formed as metal complex quantum crystal of 150-200 nm containing metal quantum dots of about 10 -15nm.
4) Properties: Our quantum crystal is provided with important physical property and chemical property. The physical property is caused by metal quantum dots regularly arranged on the substrate while the chemical property is caused by metal quantum dots able to be easily ionized in aqueous solution. Therefore, we named it semi-metal quantum crystal.
5) Functional Effect: When surface enhanced Raman scattering method is applied on our quantum crystal bio-chip, Raman-spectrum measurement may be able to be performed even for a single molecule. Because our quantum crystal bio-chip can realize both important properties for SERS; 1) a physical enhancement and 2) a chemical enhancement. The former enhancement is functioned as plasmon enhancement effect while the latter enhancement is functioned as chemical absorption necessary for making a charge transfer complex between the quantum dots and target molecule.

Application to analysis

A molecular level analysis that is highly repeatable and time-efficient plays an extremely important role in the medical field, for unraveling causes of diseases and researching and developing drugs. Such an analysis also enables super-early detection of diseases and follow-up of the same. Quantum crystal technology is environmentally-friendly and requires no large-scale apparatus. Therefore, significant cut-back of medical cost by saving labor and energy seems to be promising.
Application of molecular level analysis involving adsorption and fixation of molecules is not limited to the medical field; it is also applicable to analyses of a wide variety of fields such as disease marker screening, food inspection, water examination, inspection related to anti-bioterrorism, and so on.

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